Joan Walsh Anglund and director Tim Jackson

Joan Walsh Anglund and director Tim Jackson


When Joan mentioned to me one day that she should "put something down", I thought "You're right!". I scheduled an afternoon of interviews and this became the basic structure of the film. It is a chronicle of a life in told through stories narrated by the Joan herself - a natural and animated storyteller. 
She speaks about the profound tragedies in her life balanced with a enormous success and deep love of family with a loving heart and an imagination that has inspired generations of kids and adults. 

I am enhancing her with illustrations and unpublished poems archived at the Mugar Arts Library Archives at Boston University.  Funds were successfully raised for for an editor, composer, illustrator photoshop artist, a producer's honorarium, stock footage, color correction and sound editing.

I am working closely with Enver Perez a skilled editor and cameraman. Award-winning Boston actress, Paula Plum, reads the poetry. Music Design is being composed by French composer Bertrand Lawrence. Robin Lane has written a theme song from Joan's poetry. Illustrators Gabriel Polonsky, Lizmara Velez and Isiah Sweeting have each provided an illustration to enhance the stories. Joan's artwork from her books and the Boston University archives provide the rest.   

All contributions will allow the film wider distribution. 

These can be made to  

Gumpy Productions

c/o Tim Jackson

18 Dell Street

Somerville MA 02145